Nandi Academy

Shri.S.Sreedhar Reddy   Managing Director, Nandi Group of Companies

Schools should aim to provide high quality education that is not only relevant to children's lives today but will also prepare them for the future in an ever-changing world. Everything has to be practical. Education should be beyond the regular textbooks. The true scope of education is to make our children believe in themselves by creating the opportunities to do creative and challenging tasks.

Smt.S.Sujala   Executive Director, Nandi Group of Companies.

We see this school as a place where children live every moment and develop the capacity to face any situation with courage and sensitivity. School should be able to look to the physical, mental/ intellectual & spiritual needs of the students. All the three areas must be given equal priority for the holistic development of the child. Knowledge and character must be given equal weightage.

Shri. V. SURESH   Executive Director, Nandi Group of Companies.

Modern task of education is to put the students in the habit of thoughtful enquiry. Only with repeated use and by investigating it from various points of view, do we learn to understand a new idea. Whether it be Force= mass x acceleration or irony in literature. A contemporary, friendly and stable foundation must work like good soil to foster an attitude of scientific enquiry with ethical sensibility.

Smt.V.Aravinda Rani   Correspondent, Nandi Academy.

A child is like a young tender plant which needs to be taken care by giving the right nourishment at the right time to unfold and bring out the hidden treasure lying within the child thereby to develop a blooming personality in a simple, soothing, stimulating and interactive teaching and learning environment which is but school. It is a place for adults and children to work together in a learning program which is about life itself, where they become discoverers and explorers of both the inner and outer worlds

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