Nandi Academy

Residential Facility

At Nandi Academy Residential facility, Joy of Learning has been earnest endeavor to make our students stay in the dormitories ‘A Home away from Home’, where children spend the time sharing their lives with friends from other cultures, districts and religions. For them, Residence life is eating, working, and playing together; building relationships; sharing Rayalaseema delicacies and just hanging out. Our Residence staff is at every corner to help that growth – from sponging cuts and drying tears, to sitting late into the night exploring life issues.


separate rooms are provided for junior and senior boys and girls so that they grow up among their own peers and among same age group. Each room is shared by 2 to 4 students along with an individual study set, a bed and a cupboard to everyone. The rooms are kept clean and tidy at all times and this work is done when the children are in the classrooms. Fumigation is done frequently and our consultant doctor and nurses often pay visits to the rooms to maintain the cleanliness standards and to ensure that everything is well with students.

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