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About Funtoot

1. Funtoot is an Indian invention for personalized learning, built after 4 years of pedagogy/technology R&D by 100 experts. Currently in use by over 50000 students in 100+ top schools in 45 cities/towns in India, Funtoot has been able to improve learning outcomes of students by an average of 20%.
2. In use for last 2 years, Funtoot has identified and remediated 4 million learning gaps automatically, have made 6 million learning interventions.
3. Funtoot is an intelligent, adaptive and personalized digital tutor that helps every child based on each child’s context, interest, issues being faced, speed of learning and other characteristics.
4. Funtoot stores knowledge inside machine using complex knowledge graphs. Many pieces of knowledge are created on the fly similar as human brain contextualizes the knowledge for a student.
5. Funtoot is built using dozens of algorithms around artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing and company has filed patents for the same. Funtoot becomes more and more experienced as more and more students use it. Funtoot becomes more and more personalized as student starts spending more time on it.
6. Funtoot keeps school teachers informed trough detailed analytics about the progress, learning gaps, remedies and top issues.
7. Funtoot has deep knowledge of Maths for Grade 2 to 9 at present. Its super curriculum is capable of adjusting itself to new curriculums.

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