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1. Age criteria for classes’ nursery, pre-primary, primary classes.

a. For Nursery : 2.5 years onwards. Promotion to pre-primary will be subjected to the child having attained 3+ years as on 31st March of the relevant year.

b. For Pre-Primary: 3+ years as on 31st March of the relevant year*

c. For Primary: 5+

2. Which curriculum does Nandi Academy offer?

a. Global Montessori Plus, CBSE and IGCSE* (from grade 6) (for IGCSE, please contact the office)

3. Is this school’s CBSE curriculum same as the schools nationwide?

a. Yes, the Nandi Academy offers exactly the same CBSE curriculum as other leading schools offer. Even the text books are similar to the publications used in CBSE schools.

4. How many terms will the school have?

a. We will be having only two semesters as per CBSE

5. Is it a bag-less school?

a. Children need to carry only the books to the school as per the time table for the day. Lockers are provided in the school should the children wish to leave the books in school, and can then carry them home on the weekends or when required for homework.

6. Will homework be given to children?

a. Home work is an integral part of the curriculum and serves to further reinforce what has been taught in class. Homework will be minimal and not stressful. Assistance will be provided by the teachers, when required.

7. What is the homework policy?

a. The children are given homework according to a plan that is planned in advance to ensure they have a balanced allocation of work.

8. What will be the student teacher ratio in the class?

a. For Nursery there is a maximum of 16 students in the class.

b. For pre-primary, there is a maximum of 24 students in the class.

(Both the above classes will have a full time teacher with a part time assistant teacher.) c. For classes 1 onwards, the maximum number of children per class is 30.

9. What are the 1st & 2nd language options for my child and what level it starts?

a. English by default is the 1st language, and 2nd language starts from primary goes up to Grade 10.The 2nd language choices available are Hindi or Telugu. The same are offered as 3rd Language too.

10. How many recesses are available during school?

a. The school usually has two snacks recess times i.e. one in morning and other in the afternoon for about 10mins and a lunch recess for about 40 mins.

11. What Kind of Food does the school provide?

A. The school provides for vegetarian food. A wide range of snacks and drinks too are available during the snacks and lunch recess. The menu changes every day of the week. Please click the link for details.

12. Will there be any enrichment classes in school?

a. Yes enrichment classes are a part of the time-table

13. What co-curricular activities will the school provide?

a. Please check the details of all the co-curricular activities in the link.

14. Will spoken English be encouraged in the school?

a. The medium of instruction is English and teachers speak only in English. Children are also encouraged to speak in English in non-classroom situations and we have already garnered good results.

15. What will be the school timings?

a. School timings are as follows :

i. In Rainy and Summer seasons: 7:45 am to 3:45 pm

ii. In Winter season: 8:15 am to 4:15 pm

16. What is the purpose of the school diary?

a. A lot of information is available in the school diary and parents are requested to check it regularly. The diary is a major tool of communication between the teachers and the parents.

17. What are the criteria of recruiting teachers?

a. Nandi Academy teachers are highly qualified and have a basic degree of B.Ed. along with a post-graduation or teaching diploma for Montessori training.

18. What sports facilities will the school provide?

a. With a focus on holistic education, Sports is an integral part of the curriculum at Nandi academy. We havespecial academies for tennis, badminton and cricket. For further details please click the link.

19. What first aid will you provide in school in case of any casualty?

a. In keeping with International Standards, an in house medical in-charge is available through-out the school hours, to attend to all minor injuries and medical emergencies. For major emergencies, the student will be taken to the nearby hospital and parents will be informed simultaneously.

20. What are examples of typical field trips?

a. Field trips are organized during the year and are educational activities with identifiable academic objectives where students are expected to attend. Some examples are visits to Nepal, Rajastan, and Adventure camp-site in Nagpur. Trips to local historical places, forest and bird sanctuary are part regular time-table.

21. Will the school take students for educational field trips?

a. Yes, educational trips are a part of the active learning process in our school. These will be organised on a regular basis as indicated on the school calendar.

22. Will there be any workshops for teachers in school?

a. Teacher training is given a high degree of importance at Nandi Academy, and all teachers are given a minimum of 20 hours of training in one year.

23. How often will there be PTM's?

a. Formally, PTM is at the end of every term test

24. Other than a PTM, When can a parent interact with the teacher?

a. Yes. We consider parents as partners in the education process and parents are free to meet teachers, with prior appointment, as and when necessary.

b. And also, assessment reports are sent to parents after every formative assessment.

c. Reports on behavioral aspects are available with the class-teachers for parents’ reference at any time of the year.

25. Will the school celebrate all festivals?

a. As an International school, Nandi Academy encourages students to understand and appreciate all cultures and regular activities and celebrations facilitating this are a part of the school calendar.

26. Will the school encourage inter house, inter school competitions?

a. Nandi Academy has a host of activities, which facilitates holistic development. Inter-house, Inter-school and national level competitions will focus on bringing out the potential of every child.

27. Will the school cater to children with special needs?

a. The school does admit children who have borderline learning needs. In house behavioral counselor, for addressing minor learning and behavioral needs.

b. At the same time, school has taken a special educator for special children in near future.

28. Will meals be provided to children?

a. Nandi Academy provides food and snacks to all the students, which is clearly given in admission criteria. For further details click the link:

29. Do you have hostel facility?

a. Yes, from grade 3 hostel facility is available. Please click Hostel link for further details.

30. Is student financial aid available?

a. Currently, Nandi Group of Companies provides financial aid to newly enrolled students if they meet required criteria. For further details, please contact office.

31. Do you have transportation services?

a. Yes, we currently run six bus routes from the Nandyal town and nearby villages and each year the bus routes are designed according to need.

32. Do you have uniforms for the students?

a. Nandi Academy has uniforms, provided within the fee-structure. The uniform consists of a pair of regulars, a pair of house t-shirts with shorts and a pair of shoes.

33. My child is currently in a very different school system. How will the School know what level of work he/she is capable of?

a. During the admissions process, the Head of Admissions together with the relevant principal or the Head of Early Years Centre examines all the school reports and documents. This gives us a good picture of your child and his/her abilities.Our experienced staff are familiar with many different school systems. We may also take into consideration the recommendations from your child’s previous school. If we need more information, we will contact you before your child is offered a place at Nandi Academy.

34. What is a Circle Time?

a. Circle Time is similar to an assembly. It is for all the students up to Grade 10 and usually held every Wednesday after breakfast. This event is hosted by and in the individual classes. Circle Time is a special occasion where a child shares his/her personal emotions with his friends and teachers.

35. What is International education?

We subscribes to the IGCSE’s definition of international education:

a. Developing citizens of the world in relation to culture, language and learning to live together

b. Building and reinforcing students’ sense of identity and cultural awareness

c. Fostering students’ recognition and development of universal human values

d. Stimulating curiosity and inquiry in order to foster a spirit of discovery and enjoyment of learning

e. Equipping students with the skills to learn and acquire knowledge, individually or collaboratively, and to apply these skills and knowledge accordingly across a broad range of areas

f. Providing international content while responding to local requirements and interests.

36. Can we tour the school?

a. Nandi Academy encourages families to visit the school, tour the campus and observe classes; this enables you to have a much clearer idea of what learning at the school looks like.

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