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Welcome to NANDI ACADEMY - Day cum Residential

The true spirit of education lies in its nature being dynamic, purposeful and socially relevant one.


Place where inspirations are born, nurtured and perfected.

Nandi Academy, An International School is located in the city of Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh India. It's a Day-Cum-Residential School with CBSE and IGCSE Affiliations upto class 12th Standard.

The school is being promoted by noted philanthropist and industrialist Shri.SPY REDDY, MP LOKHSABHA & CHAIRMAN FOR NANDI GROUP OF COMPANIES.

NANDI ACADEMY takes pride in making mention of being adjudged amongst the 20 best schools of India during the National School Summit held in New Delhi & also being the recipient of the CERTIFICATE OF MERIT by CBSE BOARD, NEW DELHI for the 2 consecutive years for obtaining 100% results with 10/10 grade point in particular.

It caters to the students with both National and International curriculums equipping them with essential life skills and confidence which will prepare them for the future in an ever changing world.

We see school as a place where adults and children work together in a learning program which is about life itself where they become discoverers & explorers of both the inner and outer world. The true scope of education is to make our children believe in themselves by creating the opportunities to do creative and challenging tasks. A school is a place which initiates the first steps of knowledge and instills and sustains in them the curiosity and passion to have a quest for learning and a zest for life, always.

Education at NANDI ACADEMY does not merely mean collecting and storing facts but it also means to equip oneself with essential life skills needed to become what they are meant to be – sensitive, caring and intelligent persons. We believe the modern task of education is put the child in the habit of thoughtful enquiries. Education is all about realizing the true spirit of joy of learning. A contemporary, friendly and stable foundation must work like a good soil to foster an attitude of scientific enquiry with ethical sensibility. We believe that every child is a reservoir of talents and, given the right environment and impetus, they will blossom intellectually and holistically beyond our imagination.
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